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+ Why FX.OneMaxx

If you are wondering whether you should trade or invest with FX.OneMaxx and whether FX.OneMaxx is the right choice, here are some compelling reasons why we are different and we are the best in the industry.

Highly Professional Team Of Fund Managers

  • When you trade or invest with FX.OneMaxx you will have access to expertise of highly qualified and the most experienced fund managers. The experience of the fund manager is certainly key to successful Forex trading and Forex investments.
  • FX.OneMaxx chooses its preferred brokers based on many stringent parameters.

Your Funds Are Absolutely Safe

  • Fund safety is always a major concern for all the investors. FX.OneMaxx enjoys very good reputation in the industry; we have the trust and confidence of our clients.
  • You can enjoy great peace of mind knowing that your funds are absolutely safe with our preferred brokers and their credibility in the industry is absolutely unquestionable

Steady and Reliable Returns

  • Every investor likes to see his or her funds not just grow but multiply and that is what we do at FX.OneMaxx. Your funds will enjoy steady and reliable returns With FX.OneMaxx, you will get exponential returns and we are very consistent in delivering the promised results.

The Best Trading Methodology

  • The most experienced team at FX.OneMaxx has developed highly effective in-house trading system. The overall effectiveness of our system and the effectiveness of our methodology have been proven repeatedly.
  • We believe in proven conservative trading strategies which have been empowered by contemporary insights.
  • We leverage the maximum benefits possible from the trading strategies that we use.
  • We never use your investment to experiment on various strategies rather use only strategies that will bring you the exponential returns that we promise.

We have listed just few among the many reasons why you should choose FX.OneMaxx. You don't have to take our word for it, you just need to try our services for yourself and you will know the difference.






+ Our Team

The core team at FX.OneMaxx includes

The entire credit for the extreme success of FX.OneMaxx goes to the most capable team of fund managers. FX.OneMaxx is today one of the most popular and the most preferred fund management companies, if it were not to be for the contribution of the most experienced team the company would not have been enjoying its continuous success that it enjoys today.

The core team at FX.OneMaxx includes

  • Fund managers with over 12 years of experience private funds management. The experience of the fund managers counts a great deal in making successful Forex investments. No investor likes to entrust their wealth to inexperienced fund managers. Our team here comes with vast experience that every investor is looking for.
  • Every team member comes with adequate professional qualification in private funds management. You will be certainly entrusting your funds in the most qualified hands. Our highly professional team of fund managers will ensure that your funds get exponential returns.
  • Our team members are using proven Manumatic trading strategy which is the combination of superior trading systems and highly experienced fund managers . The use of fine expert advisors allows our fund managers to trade efficiently and effectively that brings excellent results.
  • Our team has an excellent track record of success which gives you additional guarantee on the ROI.
  • As a professional team FX.OneMaxx is keen on creating and delivering the most dependable funds management services with the highest level of transparency in trading services. You will be in total control of your funds and know exactly what is happening with your funds.
  • Our team treats client's funds as their own funds and exercise utmost caution in the trading activities. You will therefore not have to worry in the least about the safety of your funds.

The Forex trading industry is a highly competitive industry and without the support of a highly capable team like ours it is not possible to get good returns. When you choose FX.OneMaxx you will have access to world-class fund managers that are seasoned in private funds management.



We have an honest and sincere team that is ready to offer the most dedicated services to its clients. The entire team at  FX.OneMaxx works tirelessly to get the highest returns possible for the investment made by the clients. The dedication and the vast experience of the world class leaders certainly helps in minimizing the risks involved in Forex trading and in private funds management, which is certainly one of the most important factors why many investors consider  FX.OneMaxx as the most preferred funds management services.

Clients always get due attention and all the concerns are addressed by our team in the most efficient manner.  FX.OneMaxx does not stop with merely making excellent promises but always exceeds the expectations of the client s by getting great returns. The personal attention given to the clients always impress them.  FX.OneMaxx has always been a learning organization with great zeal to continual improvement of the quality of the services offered. You will therefore be able to enjoy the best services from our world-class fund managers.




+ Trading Methodology

One of the most important factors that every investor should pay attention to without fail while choosing their fund management team is the trading methodology used by the fund managers. Experience of the fund managers will yield results only when the right trading methodology is employed.


Risk Management and Strategy

Every investor knows that Forex trading involves market risks and that there are chances to lose money if the funds are not managed effectively. When you hire an experienced fund management service provider such as FX.OneMaxx you will be able to minimize the market risks. At FX.OneMaxx our trading methodology incorporates risk management. It will be imprudent to enter into Forex trading without taking into account the market risks and without having a dependable risk management strategy in place.

Risk management strategies cannot be developed off hand, number of factors have to be taken into account before the risk management strategies can be implemented. The fund managers should have adequate market experience and should have acute market analysis capabilities. When you approach FX.OneMaxx for your private funds management needs, you will be entrusting your funds in the most capable hands and your funds are absolutely safe.

Our fund managers have vast experience in market analysis which adds on to your advantage. They understand the market movements better than anyone does in the industry. FX.OneMaxx uses proven trading system which has been designed carefully based on the latest trading scenarios. Our trading system will work effectively in all types of trading conditions. Added to that, the expertise of our fund managers will supplement the trading system in day-to-day trading activities.

One of the most important reasons for the success of our trading system besides the expertise of our fund managers is our highly proven risk management strategies. FX.OneMaxx minimizes the risks and maximizes the profit and our customers are ultimately happy knowing that their funds are in the safest hands.


Key Factors of Our Trading Methodology

FX.OneMaxx has been delivering excellent results and the company has been consistent in impressing the clients with its top-notch trading strategies.

Some of the core components of our trading methodology include:

Money Management System - Our money management system takes care of the entire day-to-day trading operations. Using the money management system, our fund managers will effectively invest your funds in the right markets at the right time. When it comes to success with Forex trading, these two factors namely knowing 'where' and 'when' are highly crucial.

Risks Management System - Our risks management system ensures that the market risks are minimized by identifying the risks well in advance.

Trend Trading System - Our trend trading system tries to take advantage of the market movements and thereby maximizing the returns.

The Manumatic trading strategy which is the combination of superior trading systems and highly experienced fund managers ensures dependable results. FX.OneMaxx Expert Advisor has been delivering excellent results consistently and the proven trading methodology used by FX.OneMaxx attracts many investors . FX.OneMaxx in turn rewards the clients with stable and dependable output in maximizing their investments.







+ Safety of Funds

Our lists of Preferred Brokers are committed to keeping your trading secured. They follow strict guidelines by the authority and this gives our clients assurance that any funds held with these brokers are secure all times.

Segregation of funds

All clients funds are segregated under the respected regulator's client funds rules and cannot be used by the brokers and receive priority in the event of bankruptcy.



Our lists of Preferred Brokers are obligated to their own regulatory and supervision body. All clients funds are initiated, monitored and dispersed in accordance with strict client financial rules, and no effort is spared in maintaining the integrity of the funds.


Additional reassurance with Negative Balance Protection*

The Negative Balance Protection is to ensure that clients cannot lose more than their initial deposit. This protection is offered as a safeguard in addition to automatic position liquidation in the event that your account falls below 100% maintenance margin. In the event that an unusually sudden market movement takes your account into a negative balance, the brokers shall bring your account back to zero, up to a limit determined by the brokers.
*Only applicable to certain brokers.



Markets Are Always On The Go, So Are We

Financial markets are constantly evolving and never stand still. Intra-year volatility and fluctuations in the annual performance of every financial market and asset class makes the task of managing a portfolio harder. Our job is to anticipate these trends, uncover value and reallocate investments accordingly so you can sleep soundly at night without worrying. We keep both eyes open at night so you don't.


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